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Nationwide Appraisal Service

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Choose Your Type of an Appraisal

  • Insurance Claims
  • Auto Appraisals
  • Commercial Appraisals

Whether your vehicle was declared a toal loss or you are claiming dminished value for a non-at fault accident, have a certified auto appraiser perform an appraisal showing the true value of the claim.


Total Loss

Need a certified auto appraisal to establish pre-loss value?


Diminished Value

Recover vehicle value loss from a non-at fault accident.


Repair Estimates

Has your vehicle been damage and need to know the cost of repairs?


Stated Value

Need a certified auto appraisal to cover the true value of your vehicle?

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Whether you have a custom classic car or a high end exotic car, have a certified auto appraisal performed to make sure you are covered if you are ever in an accident. You can also use the appraisal for insurance coverage.


Classic Car or Truck

Make sure your classic is valued at true market value.


Custom or Exotic

Always have a current appraisal on file to cover all cost and work performed.


Lease Turn-In

Turning in your lease vehicle? We can appraise it for its true value.


Insurance Coverage

Make sure your vehicle is accuratley covered by having a certified auto appraisal performed.

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Whether you drive a commercial truck or own a commercial fleet of vehicles, have them properly covered by having a certified auto appriasal performed. Even if you have a claim, the certified auto appraisal will show true market value.


Insurance Coverage

Make sure your assets are covered whether its for insurance coverage or an insurance claim.


Fleet Asset Appraisals

We offer multiple discounts on fleets ranging from 3 vehicles to 100.


Repair Estimates

Repair esimates can be difficult, have one of our certified estimators perform the estimate.


Insurance Claims

Our certified auto appraisers are qualified to handle the claim for you.

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Pinnacle Auto Appraisers — We are Nationwide handling all appraisal types from Insurance Claims to Classic Car Appraisals!

With our excellent customer service, you will always talk to a live certified appraiser and receive immediate feedback. You can even order an appraisal through our website.  All of our certified auto appraisers are trained to handle all types of appraisals for Total Loss, Diminished Value, Classic Cars, Stated Value,  Lease Turn-In, Insurance Coverage, and More!

Auto Appraiser and Vehicle Appraisals Nationwide - Pinnacle Auto Appraisers is a Vehicle Appraisal company that is experienced in all lines of appraising.

We believe in offering professional auto appraising services with great customer service.

  • Total Loss Claim? Not a problem, our certified auto appraisers are trained to handled the whole claim process for you.
  • Classic Cars? Whether it is a rare antique vehicle from the early 1900's to the 1960's muscle cars, don't worry we have you covered.
  • Lease Turn-In? Need to return your lease vehicle early? No problem, we are approved with all vehicle manufacturer finance companies.
  • Commercial Vehicles? Not a problem, we have years of experience appraising Commercial Trucks and Heavy Equipment. 


Auto Appraisers & Appraisals: How to and Guidance On the Process

What does an Insurance Adjuster-Appraiser do?

  • Investigates, Researches, and Evaluates
  • Reviews insurance policy and determines if the loss reported is covered
  • Investigates the claim to determine claim is not fraudulent
  • Request documentation from insured and/or repair facilities
  • Determines what amount the insurance company should pay for the loss
  • Negotiates Settlements
  • Issues Payments for Claim.

Why Hire a Certified Auto Appraiser?
Knowing how much your vehicle is currently worth or knowing how much value your vehicle has lost due to a non at-fault accident will determine if you need to increase your insurance coverage or file a diminished value claim. It is also very important to hire a certified auto appraiser when your vehicle has been totaled. This will reassure you of what the vehicle is currently worth. By hiring a certified auto appraiser they will also guide you through how the insurance claim process works and also what to expect when involved in an insurance claim. If you are involved in a total loss claim and would like us to review your information, please give a call toll free at 1-877-988-9911.

How to find a Certified Auto Appraiser and/or Inspector
All our appraisers are licensed and certified. If you require a pre-purchase inspection on a vehicle, all our inspectors are certified as well. Most have body and mechanical repair experience. We have nationwide coverage, so any location we have you covered! Call us at 1-877-988-9911 for further details.

Call Us Toll Free! 1-877-988-9911

We are dedicated to offering you immediate and reliable customer service whether it be on the phone, via email or through our online ordering system. Our company prides itself on being able to handle all of your auto appraisal needs. Feel free to call or send us an email to schedule your appraisal(s).

Our Certified Auto Appraisers look forward to serving you!



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Free Review:

If you are looking to increase your insurance coverage on your vehicle, the insurance company may require you to obtain a certified auto appraisal.   If you have a custom car, truck or motorcycle, the insurance company won't pay you more than book value. Get a stated value appraisal to cover money spent customizing your vehicle.  Have a collector or exotic vehicle?  Book value does not justify the vehicle value  In case you are in an accident, have a certified auto appraisal done.  Contact us today for a Free Evaluation!

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Pinnacle Auto Appraisers Will Professionally Evaluate Your Vehicle!


Pinnacle Auto Appraisers prides itself on quickly handling large amounts of vehicles. We routinely handle fleets for: vans, trucking, limousine, shuttle, buses, SUV, corporate, taxi, dealership, clubs, rental, and delivery companies. We handle large national chains, small family businesses, and car club appraisal(s).

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Pinnacle Auto Appraisers Offers Quality Fleet Appraisals!


If you were involved in an accident and the insurance company deemed your vehicle a total loss, we can help.  If you don't agree with the insurance company's offer, you have the right to hire an independent certified appraiser to determine the actual cash value of your vehicle.  Our certified appraiser will go to the vehicle location, conduct the inspection and complete a certified total loss appraisal on your vehicle.  Total loss claims do require a negotiation phase which we will take care of for you at no additional charge!

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Let Pinnacle Auto Appraisers Help After A Crash!


Our Appraisers are repair shop and car club fanatics! We enjoy when local and national clubs invite us out to their local gatherings. We recently offered an appraisal discount that lasted all month. We love everything that has an engine and drives on the road. We do our best to help everyone in need of an appraisal!

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Pinnacle Auto Appraisers - We Value Car Clubs and Repair Shops!