Miami Florida is one of the richest areas in the United States when it comes to culture. It is this great and diverse culture that drives the local auto industry and really creates an atmosphere of unregulated passion for vintage and custom vehicles. Each year we have noticed an increase of valuable assets in the car industry coming through the great city of Miami. Several times a year we are seated at large auctions and shows estimating the value of what is on the floor; what an awesome feeling it is to move from a vehicle made in 1910 to one just driven off the factory floor.


"Several of us last year ended an event and made our way down to the local beach. In fifteen minutes on one section of the area where we decided to stop for our last bit of sun we estimated there were 15 million dollars in vehicle within a stones throw from where we sat drinking in the surroundings. From Porsche to Lamborghini, even a Tesla, we were surrounded by beautiful beaches, gorgeous women, and wonderfully manicured vehicles...it was almost better than the event we attended that week. Now I'm not sure we could have gotten paid, but I would love to have spent a few days walking those beach drives just taking in the numerous and interesting vehicles one normally doesn't see all congregated into the same square mile of space. For the record I have to say Miami is one of my most special destinations.

miami florida city seal

Everyone remembers Miami Vice...in fact I'm very happy that HULU has every episode (which I'm currently watching)...what I had forgotten was not just the horrible clothing, but the awesome cars! Ferrari Daytona, Testarossa...wow those were the days as a younger man where I wished every Friday night that my name was Crockett and that I not only had the car and the girl, but the Galico holster up under my dinner jacket as well. That trip really hit home about the dreams and investment our customers put into what they are buying." 

We bring our expertise and experience to the table for large corporations as well as the little guy. Whether you are a man buying his dream car, a doctor buying that first Porsche, a trucker buying a freightliner, or a fleet manager looking for appraisals: We can help value what you own.

Lamborghini Embolado Concept car

If you live in Miami, Florida or in the surrounding areas we offer certified auto appraisals on classic cars, fleet vehicles, lease turn-in, total loss, diminished value, stated value, pre-purchase inspections, charitable donations, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and more!  Please contact us today for more information.